Flood Mitigation

Click here for the May 2020 Flood Mitigation Update

Stay Informed

Stay informed of flood and water-related issues by visiting calgary.ca/floodinfo

The following apps also provide useful information:

Alberta Rivers: Data and Advisories (link: http://www.programs.alberta.ca/16905.aspx#ad-image-0)

Alberta Emergency Alert (link: http://emergencyalert.alberta.ca/content/about/mobileapp.html)

Lindsay Park Flood Mitigation Committee

Although the province and city are working on long term flood mitigation projects,  a group of Lindsay Park community residents have formed a committee headed by Richard Grainer to explore and recommend methods of how to best protect the community and  current infrastructure in the short term.  The group meet weekly and all community residents interested in joining this very worthwhile committee are asked to contact Richard Grainger at: rmgrainger@shaw.ca

Calgary River Action Group

The Calgary River Action Group was formed to ensure the river communities around the Elbow River have a voice in flood mitigation plans. Please visit their website for more updates and information – www.crcactiongroup.com


The following links also provide great reads:


Www.protectcalgary.com AGM   –   June 12th  7PM